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The CHELECOM Foundation will commit itself to letting those 3.6 billion connect to the world at a low cost and embrace the convenience it brings. Next CHELECOM will strive to stop the monopoly of information held by internet providers. Currently, while providing internet services, the internet monopolies obtain and control large amounts of personal information. Through the distributed information sharing network and providing customized and personalized information services for everyone, we will change the current framework which the internet is understood to be.

Ubiquitous internet access around the world has paved the way for technologies like fiber optic networks, 4G macro sites, 5G micro sites, and soon SpaceX's Starlink (space-based Internet communication system) to permeate into our lives. Against the current, CHELECOM connects idle wireless access networks (3G/4G/5G) resources, idle fixed access networks (FTTH/ADSL) resources, idle communication satellite channel resources, idle user storage and computing resources through blockchain technology and provide these resources to those most in need. Every user will become a public node of CHELECOM's unique but ubiquitous network and enjoy reduced internet data fees. At the same time, users will contribute to the shared network and improve resource utilization for wireless and wired internet service providers, improve network coverage, as well as decrease broadband and data storage fees.

The mission of the CHELECOM Foundation is to create a world-class decentralized shared network and shared content ecosystem through blockchain, network acceleration and network sharing technologies. By connecting users and encouraging public access, CHELECOM solves internet cost and accessibility issues so that access to the internet is no longer bounded by service providers' network coverage or high cost services. Instead, everyone on the network is by definition a provider when they contribute data to the network and data is distributed across this decentralized network. This establishes a new business model where each participant contributes data which benefits everyone on the network. This is contrary to the mainstream model where users provide data and the internet providers reap all the benefits.

The global production capability forecast for the next 10 years will surpass that of the last few thousand years. Along with technological advances and the possible rebalance of world economics, old infrastructure and business models may all be replaced. Through decentralization, CHELECOM will connect the world and provide a platform where everyone has equal status and equally benefits.



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Yan Zhang

Entrepreneur.Dr.Zhang is a pioneer in de-centralized applications. He successfully founded the worlds first decentralized industry grade intelligent lighting network MeshSmart, NA cryptocurrency mining infrastructure company Consensus Core, blockchain-as-a-service company DappWorks, and financial behavior analysis platform MarketMemory.

Hao Zheng

Former senior investment manager and product development director of Aplus Capital, Partner of Evolution Capital. Hao holds senior blockchain industry background / resources and owns extensive experiences in fund management, risk control and the internet / financial product design.

Yi Hui

Communications industry and telecommunications policy Expert, Angel investor. Yi Has worked in a series of China national central professional ministries and commissions. He has played critical role in the collaboration between Chinese telecom carriers and other global players in regards to the interconnection and payment system.

Daniel Bettridge

Daniel is a writer,editor, author, and social media expert with more than a decade’s worth of experience working at the highest levels of the industry for publications including The Guardian, The Atlantic, BBC and The Times.



Bitmain is now among the most recognizable companies in the cryptocurrency space and the proud parent of several brands, among them Antminer, Antpool, and Hashnest, all of which are ranked number one in their respective fields.

Danhua Capital

a VC fund that invests primarily in early stage and growth stage company with disruptive technology/business model, big market and excellent team. The fund's areas of focus include Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Big Data, Blockchain, Enterprise Software and other disruptive technologies.

Aplus Capital

Aplus focuses on angel and growth stage investment in fintech, artificial intelligence / big data, consuming, entertainment, smart intelligence, etc.


Focuses on the high-growth Blockchain industry and invests in the potential market leaders. We also committed to raising and setting diversified entrepreneurial incubation and venture funds.

Gregory Gundelfinger

CEO at Telna. He is a pioneer in IOT eSIM technologies for improved communication network quality.


Former VP of Economics and Regulation in the MOC of Israel, member of the Board of Directors of Bezeq – A Israel Telecom.

Jianfeng Wang

Founder and CEO of Entropychain Technology, Communications industry Expert, Member of TEEC.